Milson and Neen Sollars



First set up back in 1996, Birch Hill Dog Rescue has always offered unwanted, abandoned and neglected dogs the very best of care.

The Rescue Centre is situated in the picturesque village of Neen Sollars, just over 2 miles from Cleobury Mortimer on the south edge of Shropshire. Birch Hill House was built in 1850 on the land which used to be a stone quarry. The "Live and Let Live" pub in the village was built from the stone produced from here.

During the war it was used by evacuees and six families were sent to stay here. The approach to the house is by way of a long drive which originally went through a damson orchard which in itself was unusual. Now in spring the drive is carpeted either side by a blanket of snowdrops.

In 1989 the kennels were built for purely boarding purposes, but over the years things were to change. It was in 1996 that Jutta and Terry Patterson took over Birch Hill and continued to run the boarding kennels, but the Pattersons love of helping unwanted and mistreated dogs was to take over Birch Hill completely.

They slowly began to take in abandoned dogs from here and there and if there was a needy dog wanting refuge, Jutta would always find a space for it. No dog was to be turned away. Before long the amount of rescue dogs coming in overwhelmed the number of dogs coming in for boarding.


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