Milson and Neen Sollars

In Neen Sollars:

Jubilee Garden  Click "Here"

Black and White Houses Click "Here"

Tetstil Mill and Bridge Click "Here"

River Rea and Bridge Click  Here(Find the Horses Head)

Millbrook and Bridge 

High Point Solar Farm

In Milson:

Milson Village Green Click "Here"

Haybridge Bridge Click "Here"

Milson Airstrip Click "Here"


All Saints Church:

Monument to Humphrey Conyngsby Click "Here"

Memorial to First World War Click "Here"

Recovered Grave Stones Click "Here"

Ha Ha Wall

St Georges Church:

large lintel high up replacing a chancel arch

Inside St Georges Click "Here"

Font Click "Here"

Stained Glass Click "Here"

Mole Man geocache (sorry not giving it away)