Milson and Neen Sollars


The Zanzibarn, so called due to the East African theme of the interior, is a former threshing barn dating from around 1750 which has recently been restored. 

Perching on a small ridge overlooking the village of Neen Sollars with its fourteenth century church and has spectacular views to the south; it is a setting to enhance any occasion. 

The walls are hung with one of the country’s finest collections of East African hunting trophies from the last century and the multicoloured lights are straight out of Arabian Nights, very Zanzibarn. Hanging from the ceiling, almost eclipsed by its surroundings, is one of the most amazing chandeliers you will ever see, made by a Shropshire craftsman.

The ground floor can either be configured in dinner party style with long polished mahogany tables arranged end to end with mahogany dining room chairs for up to forty guests; or with the use of eight round tables and smaller chairs, up to eighty guests can be entertained. Any combination of the above possible, thus providing a top table, for numbers in between


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