Milson and Neen Sollars

In September 2014 TGC Renewables submitted a planning application 17/05539/VAR for a 14000 Solar Panel site within the Parish of Neen Sollars. The application was fiercely contested by the Parishioners and dismissed by Shropshire Council, however on appeal the decision was overturned and the site was developed. The development has been subsequently sold several times and now owned by Light sorce. 

Within the planning process an offer of a Community Deed was made of £1000.00 per annum per megawatt of peak solar capacity for the first 10 years of operation of the Scheme which commenced April 2017, this offer was not conditional on planning approval by the Parish Council.

The panels have a capacity of 3.748 Mw per annum and the Parish Council receive the funds in April.

To apply for funding is as simple as writing a letter to Milson and Neen Sollars Parish Council with your idea. Your proposal will be put before the Parish Council at the next meeting and a discussion will be made.

The criteria for funding is as follows:-

The Community Body (Parish Council) agreed to use the Community Benefit Payments for charitable, educational, environmental, or other appropriate purposes within the Community.

The Community Benefit Payments can also be used by the Community Body for the improvement of any amenity used by the Community for these purposes.

Wherever possible the Community Benefit Payment shall be applied towards the promotion of sustainable energy and uses. 

The Community Benefit Payment shall not be used for political, religious, entertainment or hospitality purposes.  

You will also have to complete a Data protection form if your application is successful...………….