Milson and Neen Sollars
Date Raised   Seconded                                                                         Proposal  
 13/10/2014  GW SP  Move to serve the Summons for All Parish meetings by Hand and/ or E-mail  
 13/10/2014  GW SP  Move that Councillors to be Summons to meetings in writing 3 clear days prior to meeting.  
 13/10/2014  GW  SP Move that Agenda items to be submitted to Clerk 7 days prior to meeting outlining Topic.  
 13/10/2014  GW  SP Move that any supply of goods or services undertaken by the Parish(s) over the threshold value of £50.00 will have a minimum of two tenders.  
13/04/2014   GW  SP Move to publicise all Council meetings on Public Notice Boards in both Parishes. “Conspicuous Places”  
 13/04/2014  GW  SP Move that “Any Other Business” can not be included on Agenda only the published Agenda items discussed? Ref LTN 5 . Para 19  
 13/04/2014  GW  SP Move to include “Public Participation” (limited to 15 minutes in total) and “Public correspondence” as Agenda items.  
13/04/2014  GW  SP Move to include an Agenda item “Matters Arising” for Clerk to present SSC communications and previous Agenda items not resolved .  
 13/10/2014  GW SP   Move that Urgent communications i.e. Legal Briefings, LTNs, Bulletins and Planning applications are E-mailed to All Councillors immediately when received by Clerk and less important information presented at subsequent meeting at the Clerks discretion.  








Move to agree charges when issuing copies of Parish records at 5 pence per sheet for Parish electors and 10 pence for others. 


GW SP Move to create a record book of Motions and Resolutions to be established and published on Parish web site.
13/04/2014 GW SP Move to create a separate record book for Planning Applications and published on Parish web site.
13/04/2014 GW SP Move to post All Parish Council Minutes on web site once signed off.
13/04/2014 GW  SP Move that internal and external audits published on web site.
13/04/2014 GW SP Move that all Councillors receive and sign for a copy of standing orders.
13/04/2014 GW SP Move to amend Parish web site in line with proposal 13/10/2014 and charge appropriate per annum for business advertising. 
13/04/2014 GW SP Move to purchase 2 x wreaths for war memorial's) for 2014 at a cost of £77.00 and build into precept an annual budget ongoing  
13/04/2014 GW SP Move to purchase 2 x Kiosks in Parish(s) in line with proposal 13/10/2014 for the sum of £2.00. 
13/04/2014 GW SP Move to build in to the precept the sum of £120.00 per annum for mowing Milson Village Green 
Date Raised  Seconded                                                                      Proposal
13/10/2014 GW SP Move to create a hard standing for parking Milson village green CJ to provide plan,costs and risk assessment.


 GW AH   Moved not to support Parish Council donation to Cleobury Youth Project as community already donate.
09/12/2014  GW CJ   Moved to increase the Parish Council Precept by 108% to cover cost of 2015/16 financial year.
19/01/2015  CJ AH   Moved to subscribe to SLCC ongoing
19/01/2015  SP AH   Moved that invoices are to be authorised and signed by two Councillors and submitted to Clerk for payments via BACS. 
16/03/2015  GW CJ   Moved to replace summons to Parish Meetings from hand delivered to e-mail communication Councillors to confirm reciept within 3 days.
06/07/2015  MWH CJ   Moved to Co-opt Mr D.H. Jones to Parish council 
06/07/2015  MWH SP   Move to adopt press coverage policy at Parish Council Meetings
06/07/2015  GW SP   Move to report electoral register amends at Parish Council meeting by the Clerk as and when amendments occur


Date Raised  Seconded                                                                      Proposal
06/07/2015   CJ SP  Move to sign off Annual accounts for the year 2014/15
06/07/2015   CJ SP  Move not to hold prayers at Parish Council meetings
16/11/2015   CJ SP  Move a gift to the value of £100 to be made to ex chairperson in recognition of service.
16/05/2015   Cj DJ  Move to purchase two Books of Parish Census from John Barns, One to be put in Milson and one in Neen Sollars Church.
16/05/2015   CJ DJ  Move to Archive all relevant Parish Council records from 25/04/1967 ~ 2009 into Shewsbury Council Archives.
08/02/2016   AH DJ  Move to purchase Brass plate for the Bench purchased by Angela and John Bettinson. 
08/02/2016   DJ AH  Moved Cost of Lengthsman at £4000 to be added to 2016/17 Precept 
16/05/2016   DJ SP  Moved the hours of work for Lengthsman will be 28 Hours per mounth. The rate of pay will be £12.00 per hour.
16/05/2016   MWH DJ  Vote 3:1 in favour of appointing Lengthsman.
Date Raised  Seconded                                                                   Proposal
16/05/2016   DJ SP Appoint CJ as Chairperson for the year 2016~17
16/05/2016   MWH DJ Appoint DJ as Vice Chairperson for the year 2016~17
26/09/2016   DJ SP Adopt the West Mercia Crime watch program, order 3 x Metal and 2 x Plastic Neighbourhood Watch signs
26/09/2016   CJ AH Set up Sub-Committee of DJ,CJ,TP and from community  to stear through the Community Deed re: Solar development.
09/01/2017   CJ AH Precept set at £7166.00 Representing 0% increase on 2016/17
06/02/2017   SP AH Purchase Vinyl Banners restricting heavy vechile crossing Neen Sollars Bridge (Solar Farm High Point) £96.38
06/02/2017   MWH AH Skills Training for Chairperson SALC £22.00
17/02/2017   SP DJ Skills Training Election Process Chairperson and Clerk to Council £44.00
15/05/2017   SP MWH Appoint CJ as Chairperson for the year 2017 ~ 18
Date Raised  Seconded                                                          Proposal
15/05/2017   SP MWH  Appoint DJ as Vice Chairperson for the year 2017 ~ 18
15/05/2017   DJ MWH  Appointed CJ as LJC representative for 2017 ~ 18
15/05/2017   DJ CJ  Unnamously agreed option 2 x 7.5 tonne weight restriction at three point entering Neen Sollars 
20/06/2017   DJ CJ  Annual accounts accepted unanimously and signed off 
10/07/2017   DJ CJ  Applications for Community Benefit will be in writing to Clerk for approval by Council and separate account set up.
27/11/2017    AH SP  Community web page to be updated at a cost of £250  
15/01/2018    MWH AH   Replace fallen tree at Milson Green with 2 x Oak
16/04/2018  MWH AH  GDPR - A full set of updated documents has been agreed unanimously and will be posted on web page. 
16/04/2018  CJ DJ  Purchase laptop and associated software, create e-mail address for GDPR 
Date Raised Seconded                                                                        Proposal
16/04/2018   CJ        DJ             Contractor to clear old road and tidy area to Milson Green £1800                                                             
 14/05/2018  MWH AH   Appointed CJ as Chair and DJ Vice chair for 2018/19
 21/01/2019 CJ  AH  Purchase 2 x wheelie bins Trapnel and Milson Green total cost £105.00 
 21/01/2019 CJ   SP  5 Pairs of Boundary Gates fixing and labour £1536.70 from Community Benefit. Cost offset with Police Commissionaire Grant of £1644.00
 21/01/2019  CJ SP   3 x Pair of 30 mph signs Fixing and Labour £559.00
 25/03/2019 CJ   MWH  Funding towards Victory Hall Patio and Car park £5000.00
 25/03/2019 MWH   CJ  Transfer £500 into election fund
 02/12/2019  AH  SP  Erection of Christmas tree in Jubilee Garden (fittings to be supplied by Parishioners)
Date Raised Seconded Proposal                                                 
02/12/2019 AH SP Grant of £80.00 To British Poppy Fund                      
 02/12/2019  DJ  CJ  Support generation of electric through local bill
 02/12/2019  MWH  CJ  Erection of Christmas tree in Milson Green (fittings to be supplied by Parishioners)
 20/01/2020  MWH  SP  Precept of £7862.00 for 2020/21
 09/03/2020  DJ  MWH  Funding for the installation of Foot Path Gates 
 09/03/2020  DJ  AH  Purchase and installation of 5 x Event Notice Boards