Annual Meeting 16 05 2016

Minutes Uploaded on February 10, 2022

Annual meeting of the Parish Council
Milson and Neen Sollars
Held at: Victory Hall, Neen Sollars, DY14 0AL
Date: 16/05/2016 Time: 19.00 Hrs
Cllr Chris Jones (Vice Chairman) 01584 890486
Cllr Steve Painter 01299 832981
Cllr Anne Horsley 01299 271225
Cllr Mazella Witts-Hewinson 01299 271258
Cllr David Jones 01299 271204
Tony Price (Clerk to Parish) 01299 271535
1. Apologies:
Anne Horsley communicated in person.
2. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest:
3. Election of Chair and Vice Chairperson:
By unanimous vote DJ proposed and SP seconded Cllr Chris Jones
has been voted as Chairperson, MWH proposed and CJ seconded Cllr
David Jones as vice-chair.
4. Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting 08/02/2016 and Extraordinary
meeting 22/03/02016.
 Read out and signed as true records.
5. Annual Return 2015/16
 Documentation received to be actioned by Clerk.
6. Annual account
Summary of account read out for year 2015 ~ 2016.
 Current account balance £10769.22
 Election account £450.99 (top up for 2016/17)
 Outstanding payments
SSC Affiliation £150.20 (+0.09p)
Annual Insurance premium Zurich £272.11 (+ £9.11)
Upperbridge Web Page £133.20 last year TBC
 Parish Assets
Neen Sollars ~ £2,623.90
Milson ~ £1,020.00
 Assets at risk
Hydro scheme £250.00 update C.J. following AGM 07/06/2016
Annual meeting of the Parish Council
Milson and Neen Sollars
7. Lengthsman Application Vote
 Two applicants have replied to advertisement, interviews were
conducted 14.00 Hrs 16/05/2016 by CJ and Clerk. All relevant
details have been reported to the Councillors. A split vote 3:1 has
been made to appoint Richard Tong as successful applicant.
Motion carried.
 The Council has secured a grant of £3000.00 toward the cost of
Lengthsman. NOTE: This is not an annual grant.
8. Neighbour Watch Scheme
Roundels and other NWS notices are in poor condition and varied
through the Parish(s).
Additional Household insurance premium reductions if part of scheme
(some insurance companies only).
Weekly updates on crime in area via West Mercia Police.
More information is required to form an opinion Clerk to provide for next
9. Broadband update.
See attached.
10.Electoral Charges / update
Town and Parish Election charges 2017 subsidy has stopped.
2 x amendments to register.
11.Outstanding from last meeting.
 Community Benefit Deed v S106.
 Riparian responsibility Shakenhurst ~ some movement
 Presentation of Queens 90th coin to Mona Powell at Street Party
12/06/2016. (actual Birthday 21/06/2016) CJ to present on behalf of
 Application 15/00221/FUL Garden Cottage, Pear Tree Cottage,
Neen Sollars 09/02/2015 Proposal: Change of use of existing
ancillary accommodation to form a separate independent residential
 Application 16/01401/FUL Rookery Barn, Church Court, Milson,
Proposal: Provision of Juliet balcony on south elevation, dormer
window on east elevation and obscure glazing to bathroom window
Awaiting Decision.
 Application 16/00425/FUL the Old Tavern House, Neen Sollars,
Proposal: Erection of single storey extension, alterations to change
flat roof to pitched together with internal and external alterations
Grant Permission
13. LTN Legal Briefings Updates
 None
Annual meeting of the Parish Council
Milson and Neen Sollars
14. LJC meeting 25/03/2015
 CJ read outline of minutes, planning issues scheduled for next
15.Place Plan
Completed in 2015 ~16:
 Lengthsman
 Defibrillators to both Parishes
 Provide Car Parking, Seating and Budget to Mow Grass to Milson
Village Green.
 To review and update objectives for 2016 ~ 17
16.Public Participation.
17.Public Correspondence.
18. Date of Next Meeting.
Table of meetings to comply with Standing Orders. Annual and Ordinary
Meetings will be held on the following dates.
Annual 16/05/2016 19.00 Hrs
Ordinary 04/07/2016 19.00 Hrs
Ordinary 26/09/2016 19.00 Hrs
Ordinary 07/11/2016 19.00 Hrs
Ordinary 06/02/2016 19.00 Hrs
19.Meeting Closed. 20.17 Hrs
20. Communications from SSC:
 NHS Future fit update 13/05/2016
 Parish Data 2016 Band “D”
 Licencing Local Government act 1982 re street parties
 Notice of LJC meetings
 Madge Shineton 2016 Annual Parish Council report (Cleobury Mortimer)
 Many Road closure and updates from SSC
Signed as True Record: …………………………….
Date: ……………………………