Ordinary Meeting 24 09 2018

Minutes Uploaded on February 10, 2022


Held at: Victory Hall, Neen Sollars, DY14 0AL  

Date: 24/09/2018        Start 19.00 Hrs


   Cllr Chris Jones (Chairman)                       01584 890486

Cllr David Jones (Vice Chairman)              01299 271204

Cllr Steve Painter                                        01299 832981

Cllr Anne Horsley                                       01299 271225

Cllr Mazella Witts-Hewinson                      01299 271258

Tony Price (Clerk to Parish)                                   01299 271535


  1. Apologies: Cllr Anne Horsley, No Communication Cllr Steve Painter.


  1. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest:



  1. Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting 23/07/2018

Signed as true record


  1. Accounts
    • Current account balance £9,112.99
    • Community Benefit £5815.40
    • Election account £ 251.51
    • Invoices for signature.



  • Community Benefit:


  • Parish Assets:

Neen Sollars ~ £2,623.90

Milson           ~ £1,020.00



  1. Community Benefit Deed Applications

Application for £300.00 World War 1 Commemoration Village Hall, to purchase artefacts, decoration and printing.

All proceeds go to British Legion. Proposed DJ, Seconded MWH voted in favour unanimously.


  1. General Data Protection Regulations 2018
    • No update



  1. Pot Holes / Road Conditions
    • Investigation requested into pot holes/road condition from Yew Tree to Oak Lodge Milson Rd. TP to contact highways.


  1. Highways – 30 mph sign and Gateways
    • Boundary Gates costing to be submitted at next meeting.




  1. Environment and Maintenance Grant
    • Have communicated with EMG for update still no reply to-date.


  1. Lengthsman progress report.
    • August work sheet made available to Council.


  1. Milson Village Green.

Update from Cllr C. Jones.

Vigilance to be taken to observe who is illegally dumping garden debris on Milson Green. Area by Yew tree to be cleared for Wild Life/Flower, area blanketed with weed proof membrane in preparation for Spring 2019.

Parishioner to take charge of trimming evergreen trees to road verge South East of the Green.


  1. Village Hall Rate review 2018
    • Shropshire Council Discretionary Rate Relief Policy review, Update on policy implementation dates and times issued to Chairperson of Victory Hall.


  1. Web Page.
    • No Issues reported.
    • Request for additional administrators from Parishioner.


  1. Electoral Changes.
    • None


  1. Dogs fouling footpaths.
    • Cllr D Jones to update on current position.

DJ and TP to decide number of and location of Signs in conjunction with Parishioner from Milson.


  1. Riparian responsibility.
    • Shakenhurst Riverside management.

Cllr D. Jones to update next meeting.


  1. Neighbour Watch Scheme
    • Updates being issued via web page when available.


    • 17/04272/FUL
      Address:  Proposed Affordable Dwelling NW Of Rose Cottage, Neen Sollars.
      Proposal:  Erection of an affordable dwelling and associated works
      Applicant: Rose Cottage, Neen Sollars, Kidderminster, Shropshire, DY14 9AB)

Awaiting Decision





  • 18/02806/FUL

Address:  Church House Farm, Milson, DY14 0AU

Proposal:  Improvements to domestic outbuildings to form garden room including bi-fold doors and oak canopy

No Objection posted by Parish Council.

Grant Permission


  1. LTN Legal Briefings Updates
    • None


  1. Crime Reduction Group meeting (CM)/LJC
    • Cllr C Jones updated meeting on current developments.


  1. Place Plan
    • Published on Web Page


  1. Public Participation.



  1. Public Correspondence.
    • A Parishioner in Milson has requested trimming of Tree on Boundary verge of Milson Green. Cllr C. Jones. See Agenda point 11.


  1. Date of Next Meeting:


  • 26th November ~ Ordinary Meeting
  • 21st January ~ Ordinary Meeting
  • 25th March ~ Ordinary Meeting


  1. Meeting Closed. 19.35 Hrs.


  1. Communications from SSC:
  • BDLs
  • NALCs News letters
  • SALC Bulletins
  • John Champion ~ PCC Newsletters
  • Community Infrastructure Update
  • Chief Executives Bulletin
  • External Audit PKFL late communication.
  • Recovery News Letter
  • Chairmanship training
  • Local Transport plan
  • Shropshire Council Discretionary Rate Relief Policy review
  • Business Basics Funding
  • Green Shropshire Xchange (GSX)
  • Worcestershire Minerals Local Plan: