Ordinary Minutes 13 07 2020

Minutes Uploaded on February 10, 2022



Held at: Victory Hall, Neen Sollars, DY14 0AL
Date: 13/07/2020 Start: 19.04 Hrs
Cllr Chris Jones (Chairman) 01584 890486
Cllr David Jones (Vice Chairman) 01299 271204
Cllr Steve Painter01299 832981
Cllr Mazella Witts-Hewinson01299 271258
Cllr Anne Horsley01299 271225
Clerk Tony Price01299 271535

NOTE: All Councillors must observe the 2m Rule and sanitise their hands upon arrival and when they leave, also when necessary during the meeting.
Each Councillor is responsible for their own protection.

1. Apologies: None

2. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest: None

3. Minutes of the Annual Meeting (virtual) 11/05/2020
Signed as true record. Motioned MWH, Seconded DJ

4. Crime reduction representative
• Nominations and vote for Crime reduction representative.
CJ to attend meetings and co-opt other Councillors if/when required.

5. Accounts
• Current account balance £14,739.14
• Community Benefit £6581.42
• Election account £752.02

• Invoices signed off
Zurich Insurance premium £283.48 (an increase of £1.32)
Upperbridge £150.60
Malwarebytes £29.99
SALC £161.09
Numbers plus £118.80
Penn & Co Audit £60.00
Keith Bowen Gates and Bridges £1170.00
ICO £35.00

• Community Benefit
Footpath Gate and Bridge implementation:
Due to availability of gates phase two and three will be implemented this year.

• Parish Assets
Neen Sollars ~ £4,769.35
Milson      ~ £2,388.35
• Annual Accounts Return 2019/20
The accounts completed for 2019/20 and confirmed by PKF Littlejohn – External Auditors

• Annual Governance and Accountability review
A request has been made to give an overview of current accounting procedures.
1. All Councillors can apply for a read only access to Parish Council online banking. Contact Clerk for application details.
2. An Annual review to be conducted on processes and governance in line with annual return. Motioned DJ Seconded CJ. Agreed

6. Community Benefit Applications.
• 4 x A2 Community Notice boards and upgrade of existing Parish Council notice boards. The supplier has informed the Clerk he is unable to fulfil the order. New quotes will be obtained and presented to next meeting.

7. General Data Protection Regulations 2018
• No updates

8. Defibrillators –
• No Activity – Communication to all responder’s service is suspended until further notice.
• New Pads and Stick batteries required year end 2020, on-going.

9. Lengthsman progress report.
• Work sheets made available to Council on request.
• An increase in the volume of rubbish and some trade rubbish has been identified mainly at Trapnell bin location. Request for a notice stating “use the bin provided” cost £10.00 each plus post and fix.
N.B. To include Milson Green.
Motioned CJ, Seconded AH, Agreed.

10. Web Page.
• Still Issues with posting News and Events on web page.
New provider to be found this Year. Ongoing..

11. Electoral Changes.
• None

12. Dogs fouling footpaths.
• Cllr DJ reported an increase number of incidents, it is suspected the improved footpath access and more free time/visitors due to Covid-19 has some impact. It has also been observed that notices with the fine explained work better.
12 Additional ridged signs required 6 x DJ & 6 x MWH Agreed

13. Neighbour Watch Scheme
• Updates being issued via web page when available.

14. Planning.

15. LTN Legal Briefings Updates

16. Crime Reduction Group meeting (CM)
• Cllr C Jones to email report to Councillors if meeting held or any communication.

17. Place Plan
• Update on Shropshire Place Plan available on request.

18. Public Participation
• Suspended until further notice

19. Public Correspondence.
• Parishioner reported (email) collapse of Ditch opposite entrance to Nickless Coppice. This has been reported to Argyle woodland management who state they will remedy to issue.
Work checked by Lengthsman and completed satisfactorily.
• Parishioner reported (email) Milson Green Bin required emptying. Lengthsman notified.

20. Proposed Meeting Dates 2020/21:
19th October 2020 ~ Ordinary Meeting
25th January 2021 ~ Precept/Ordinary Meeting/Governance
15th March 2021 ~ Ordinary Meeting

21. Meeting Closed:  20.25

22. Communications from SSC:
• BDLs – NALCs News letters
• SALC Bulletins – John Champion ~ PCC Newsletters
• Pot holes (Madge Shineton)
• News Update. No outbreaks of Corvid 19 in Shropshire
• 20 emails on Covid 19 best practise i.e. Playgrounds/meetings/workplace etc.
• Clerks Knowledge based training
• Community Reassurance updates
• SSCP newsletter (Shropshire Safeguarding Community Partnership)
• Request to put “Walking in Shropshire” new version on Web Page
• Madge Shineton Closure of junction Southwood ~ Upper Langley 14th October 2020.
• Anthony Heslehurst ~ How to refuse planning applications.
• Funding for post Covid digital response.