If you see an issue please report to the Clerk or a Councillor 

The modern Lengthsman is a locally employed person who can really make a difference to the community environment by maintaining roadside verges and drainage and carry out minor local highway tasks identified by the parish council.

The scheme doesn’t affect the legal responsibility of South Shropshire Council to maintain roads and pavements. It provides an opportunity for the joint Parish Councils of Milson and Neen Sollars to identify minor works which would not necessarily get done by South Shropshire Council unless there was a safety issue.

The work may be expanded to include other small-scale maintenance work.

The terminology “Lengthsman” is a generic term.

The successful applicant will be given appropriate basic training on the hazards of working in the highway and standards of work to be achieved (Risk Assessment and South Shropshire Council (SSC).

A schedule of work will be created in conjunction with the Lengthsman and Parish Council, a detailed map of the area to include drains, gullies culverts etc. will be provided by the Parish Council and updated as appropriate. This will form the parameters in which the Lengthsman will operate.

Should the Lengthsman come across any problem(s) appropriate to the list of responsibilities set out below or the general safety of Parishioners or road users these should be reported as soon as possible to Clerk or Parish Councillors.

Landowners who are responsible for maintaining any trees and hedges near the roadside that create a danger to road users must be notified immediately, however, if attempts to rectify are unsuccessful the Parish Council can make sure work is carried out if they present an immediate danger. The owner of the tree or hedge would normally have to pay for this work.

 Lengthsman Services

  • Clear gully grates, dig out blocked gullies and spread arising on verge where possible.
  • Clear verge grips, head walls and culverts.
  • Grass and vegetation cutting.
  • Clearing minor storm debris.
  • Tidying road and roadsides of litter.
  • Rod blocked drains if practical, if not contact Clerk/Councillors to escalate issue.
  • Inform land/house owners if their (private) drains/ditches need cleaning that impact on the drainage system as a whole. Notify Clerk/Councillors when unsuccessful.
  • Clean dirty Signs and Telephone Kiosks (except illuminated signs)
  • Remove vegetation obstructing Signs and Telephone Kiosks.
  • No chainsaw use unless certified.
  • Side out foot ways to normal width and spread arising on verge where possible.
  • Negotiate with land/house owners for them to cut back overhanging vegetation. Notify Clerk/Councillors when unsuccessful. (In cases of hardship cut back and dispose of after consultation with the Clerk/Councillors)
  • Reporting safety problems to Clerk/Councillors.
  • Other work with special approval of the Parish Council.