Resolutions Passed

Resolutions Passed

Date                  Raised  Seconded                                                       Proposal

13/10/2014        GW       SP           Move to serve the Summons for All Parish meetings by Hand and/ or E-mail

13/10/2014        GW       SP           Move that Councillors to be Summons to meetings in writing 3 clear days prior to meeting.

13/10/2014        GW       SP          Move that Agenda items to be submitted to Clerk 7 days prior to meeting outlining Topic.

13/10/2014        GW       SP          Move that any supply of goods or services undertaken by the Parish(s) over the threshold value of £50.00 will have a minimum of two tenders.

13/04/2014         GW       SP          Move to publicise all Council meetings on Public Notice Boards in both Parishes. “Conspicuous Places”

13/04/2014        GW       SP          Move that “Any Other Business” can not be included on Agenda only the published Agenda items discussed? Ref LTN 5 . Para 19

13/04/2014        GW       SP          Move to include “Public Participation” (limited to 15 minutes in total) and “Public correspondence” as Agenda items.

13/04/2014         GW       SP          Move to include an Agenda item “Matters Arising” for Clerk to present SSC communications and previous Agenda items not resolved .

13/10/2014        GW       SP            Move that Urgent communications i.e. Legal Briefings, LTNs, Bulletins and Planning applications are E-mailed to All Councillors immediately when received by Clerk

and less important information presented at subsequent meeting at the Clerks discretion.

13/04/2014         GW      SP            Move to agree charges when issuing copies of Parish records at 5 pence per sheet for Parish electors and 10 pence for others.

13/04/2014         GW        SP          Move to create a record book of Motions and Resolutions to be established and published on Parish web site.

13/04/2014         GW        SP           Move to create a separate record book for Planning Applications and published on Parish web site.

13/04/2014         GW        SP           Move to post All Parish Council Minutes on web site once signed off.

13/04/2014         GW        SP           Move that internal and external audits published on web site.

13/04/2014         GW        SP           Move that all Councillors receive and sign for a copy of standing orders.

13/04/2014         GW        SP           Move to amend Parish web site in line with proposal 13/10/2014 and charge appropriate per annum for business advertising.

13/04/2014         GW        SP           Move to purchase 2 x wreaths for war memorial’s) for 2014 at a cost of £77.00 and build into precept an annual budget ongoing

13/04/2014         GW        SP           Move to purchase 2 x Kiosks in Parish(s) in line with proposal 13/10/2014 for the sum of £2.00.

13/04/2014         GW        SP           Move to build in to the precept the sum of £120.00 per annum for mowing Milson Village Green

13/10/2014         GW        SP           Move to create a hard standing for parking Milson village green CJ to provide plan, costs and risk assessment.

09/12/2014         GW       AH           Moved not to support Parish Council donation to Cleobury Youth Project as community already donate.

09/12/2014         GW       CJ             Moved to increase the Parish Council Precept by 108% to cover cost of 2015/16 financial year.

19/01/2015         CJ           AH           Moved to subscribe to SLCC ongoing

19/01/2015         SP          AH           Moved that invoices are to be authorised and signed by two Councillors and submitted to Clerk for payments via BACS.

16/03/2015         GW       CJ             Moved to replace summons to Parish Meetings from hand delivered to e-mail communication Councillors to confirm receipt within 3 days.

06/07/2015         MWH   CJ             Moved to Co-opt Mr D.H. Jones to Parish council

06/07/2015         MWH   SP            Move to adopt press coverage policy at Parish Council Meetings

06/07/2015         GW       SP            Move to report electoral register amends at Parish Council meeting by the Clerk as and when amendments occur

06/07/2015           CJ         SP           Move to sign off Annual accounts for the year 2014/15

06/07/2015           CJ         SP           Move not to hold prayers at Parish Council meetings

16/11/2015            CJ         SP           Move a gift to the value of £100 to be made to ex chairperson in recognition of service.

16/05/2015           CJ         DJ           Move to purchase two Books of Parish Census from John Barns, One to be put in Milson and one in Neen Sollars Church.

16/05/2015           CJ         DJ           Move to Archive all relevant Parish Council records from 25/04/1967 ~ 2009 into Shrewsbury Council Archives.

08/02/2016           AH        DJ           Move to purchase Brass plate for the Bench purchased by Angela and John Bettinson.

08/02/2016           DJ         AH          Moved Cost of Lengthsman at £4000 to be added to 2016/17 Precept

16/05/2016           DJ         SP           Moved the hours of work for Lengthsman will be 28 Hours per month. The rate of pay will be £12.00 per hour.

16/05/2016           MWH  DJ           Vote 3:1 in favour of appointing Lengthsman.

16/05/2016           DJ         SP           Appoint CJ as Chairperson for the year 2016~17

16/05/2016           MWH  DJ           Appoint DJ as Vice Chairperson for the year 2016~17

26/09/2016           DJ         SP           Adopt the West Mercia Crime watch program, order 3 x Metal and 2 x Plastic Neighbourhood Watch signs

26/09/2016           CJ         AH          Set up Sub-Committee of DJ,CJ,TP and from community  to steer through the Community Deed re: Solar development.

09/01/2017           CJ         AH          Precept set at £7166.00 Representing 0% increase on 2016/17

06/02/2017           SP         AH          Purchase Vinyl Banners restricting heavy vehicle crossing Neen Sollars Bridge (Solar Farm High Point) £96.38

06/02/2017           MWH  AH          Skills Training for Chairperson SALC £22.00

17/02/2017           SP         DJ           Skills Training Election Process Chairperson and Clerk to Council £44.00

15/05/2017           SP         MWH    Appoint CJ as Chairperson for the year 2017 ~ 18

15/05/2017           SP         MWH    Appoint DJ as Vice Chairperson for the year 2017 ~ 18

15/05/2017           DJ         MWH    Appointed CJ as LJC representative for 2017 ~ 18

15/05/2017           DJ         CJ            Unanimously agreed option 2 x 7.5 tonne weight restriction at three point entering Neen Sollars

20/06/2017           DJ         CJ           Annual accounts accepted unanimously and signed off

10/07/2017           DJ         CJ           Applications for Community Benefit will be in writing to Clerk for approval by Council and separate account set up.

27/11/2017          AH        SP           Community web page to be updated at a cost of £250

15/01/2018          MWH  AH           Replace fallen tree at Milson Green with 2 x Oak

16/04/2018         MWH   AH          GDPR – A full set of updated documents has been agreed unanimously and will be posted on web page.

16/04/2018        CJ            DJ           Purchase laptop and associated software, create e-mail address for GDPR

16/04/2018        CJ           DJ            Contractor to clear old road and tidy area to Milson Green £1800

14/05/2018        MWH   AH           Appointed CJ as Chair and DJ Vice chair for 2018/19

21/01/2019        CJ            AH          Purchase 2 x wheelie bins Trapnel and Milson Green total cost £105.00

21/01/2019        CJ             SP          5 Pairs of Boundary Gates fixing and labour £1536.70 from Community Benefit. Cost offset with Police Commissionaire Grant of £1644.00

21/01/2019        CJ           SP            3 x Pair of 30 mph signs Fixing and Labour £559.00

25/03/2019        CJ          MWH     Funding towards Victory Hall Patio and Car park £5000.00

25/03/2019        MWH     CJ          Transfer £500 into election fund

02/12/2019        AH         SP          Erection of Christmas tree in Jubilee Garden (fittings to be supplied by Parishioners)

02/12/2019         AH          SP           Grant of £80.00 To British Poppy Fund

02/12/2019        DJ          CJ           Support generation of electric through local bill

02/12/2019        MWH   CJ           Erection of Christmas tree in Milson Green (fittings to be supplied by Parishioners)

20/01/2020        MWH   SP          Precept of £7862.00 for 2020/21

09/03/2020        DJ          MWH   Funding for the installation of Foot Path Gates/Kissing gates/plank bridges

09/03/2020        DJ          AH         Purchase and installation of 5 x Event Notice Boards

11/05/2020         SP         MWH    Appoint CJ as Chairperson for the year 2020 ~ 21

15/05/2020         SP         MWH    Appoint DJ as Vice Chairperson for the year 2020 ~ 21

13/07/2020         DJ         CJ           Review of online Banking procedures to be conducted inline with the Annual return

13/07/2020         CJ         AH          Fund Pick up litter signage Trapnel bin location and Milson Green

13/07/2020         DJ         MWH     Fund additional 12 x Dog mess signage

25/05/2021         CJ          DJ           To remove Crime Reduction Group meetings for Agenda as meetings have terminated.

13/12/2021          DJ          AH          To relocate Community Web Page to Netwise UK

24/01/2022        CJ           DJ            Parish Council meeting to start at 10.00 Hrs

24/01/2022        DJ          SP             Precept for 2022 23 passed with no increase in levy.

24/01/2022        CJ          DJ             Funding for Defibrillator training to new organiser