Flood Protection

Flood Protection

Communication from Cllr Lezley Picton Shropshire Council’s leader.          Shropshire Council


Link for survey:    www.shropshire.gov.uk/flooded.


Contact number: 0345 6789006


Shropshire residents and businesses urged to share experience of 2022 floods to build case for flood protection 

Last week Shropshire was once again hit by very serious flooding affecting hundreds of homes and businesses across the county.

For many this will be at least the third time in just three years, they have been flooded. Three of the five worst recorded flood events on the River Severn have been since 2020.

Shropshire Council wants to further help these people and businesses affected by flooding. The best way to do so is through effective long-term measures. Shropshire needs more help from Government and the Environment Agency, who have a responsibility to respond to flooding from the River Severn, to fund these measures desperately needed to stop the annual cycle of misery of flooding in Shropshire.

The more information the council has about how these floods have affected people and businesses in Shropshire, the stronger case it can make to Environment Agency and to the Government.

The council has asked us to help get the community, particularly those who have been flooded, to tell the council about it using a simple form at www.shropshire.gov.uk/flooded. This will gather vital information, as well helping the council to better plan its services to support people and businesses when flooding happens.

Anyone not online, can call the council on 0345 6789006 (8am until 6pm, Monday to Friday) to share their experience of flooding.

This will be invaluable to make case for flood protection measures for Shropshire more strongly than ever and reduce the risks of more people’s live being ruined by floods.