Sub Committee Meeting 13 04 2017

Minutes Uploaded on February 10, 2022


Held at: Hilltop Farm, Neen Sollars.

Date: 14/04/2017                                            Time: 12.00 Hrs


   Cllr Chris Jones (Chairman)            01584 890486

Cllr David Jones (Vice Chairman)    01299 271204

Tony Price (Clerk to Parish)                         01299 271535

               Graham Clayworth





  1. Apologies: David Jones Holiday


  1. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest:


  1. Minutes of Last meeting. Signed at Parish Council Meeting


  1. Community Deed Update:
  • CJ to outline the current position on the Community deed following conversations with current owners Metka Eng.


  1. Consideration to accept or refuse current offer:
  • Current proposal reflects initial offer from TGC.
  • Megawatt capacity agreed at 3.748 giving a return to Parish Council of £3748.00 pa for 10 years.
  • Motion to accept Community Deed and seconded.


  1. Bribery Act 2010:
  • Part of Due Diligence requires the Bribery Act of 2010 be signed and returned to Metka Eng for their records.


  1. Communication of acceptance of Community Deed
  • Copy of Community Benefit to be posted on village notice boards and Web Page to ensure open and unrestricted access to Parish Council decisions.


  1. Meeting Closed.




Note: Termination of this Sub Committee will be put on the Agenda of the next Parish Council meeting 15/005/2017