Ordinary Meeting 10 07 2017

Minutes Uploaded on February 10, 2022



Held at: Victory Hall, Neen Sollars, DY14 0AL


Date: 10/07/2017                                            Time: 19.02 Hrs



   Cllr Chris Jones (Chairman)            01584 890486

Cllr Steve Painter                             01299 832981

Cllr Anne Horsley                            01299 271225

Cllr Mazella Witts-Hewinson           01299 271258

Cllr David Jones (Vice Chairman)   01299 271204

Tony Price (Clerk to Parish)                        01299 271535



  1. Apologies: None


  1. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest: None


  1. Minutes of Annual accounts meeting 15/05/2017.

Read and signed as true record.


  1. Minutes of Ordinary meeting 20/06/2017.

Read and signed as true record.


  1. Accounts
    • Current account balance £13,773.63
    • Election account £ 451.25
    • Outstanding Maintenance Grant £2,262.96 (increase from £1,672.22)
    • Outstanding payments for signature.

Penn and Co Internal Audit £55.00

Paint and accessories for Kiosk £14.16, £28.00 and £44.50.

  • Parish Assets

Neen Sollars ~ £2,623.90

Milson           ~ £1,020.00

  • TP to submit VAT claim for 2016/17


  1. Community Benefit Deed.
    • Motion to form Sub Group to decide allocation of funds.

Chair of Sub Committee to report into Parish meeting.

  • DJ proposed and CJ seconded voted unanimously:

A separate account to be set up by TP and the CB funds deposited. Requests for funding to be advertised on web page and notice boards annually at time of grant.

Written applications only to the Clerk.

Nominations will be reviewed and voted on by PC and allocated to successful applicant(s).


  1. Neighbour Watch Scheme
    • Updates being issued via web page when available


  1. Highways
    • Following a meeting with Glyn Shaw of Shropshire Council Highways DJ and TP, Glyn has communicated the proposed 7.5 ton weight limit is now in consultation and will advise if any feedback.


Written communication from Mazella Witts-Hewinson

  • Concerns about the state of the Milson road.
  • There has been an increase in large tractor activity going to and fro to the Hollywaste Biodigester.

See agenda point 19.


  1. Lengthsman progress report.
    • Pay has been suspended on request of Chair.

Written communication from Mazella Witts-Hewinson

  • There a need to discuss the role of the Lengthsman?

CJ proposed and MWH seconded carried unanimously.

To re-advertise the position on web page and notice boards. No change to job specification. Advertising to be done ASAP.


  1. Defibrillators

Written communication from Mazella Witts-Hewinson

  • I have had enquiries from several parishioners about defibrillator training
  • Clerk informed meeting attempts have been made to arrange training, but WMAS are under staffed and do not respond to calls or e-mails. Clerk will be contacting Nick Henry of WMAS to resolve the issue.
  • Contact made 11/07/2017 WMAS are looking into the issue and will report back within 25 days.


  1. Electoral Changes.
    • None


  1. Dogs fouling footpaths.
    • Following a meeting with Kate Adams and DJ and TP on additional Dog waste bins prices have been forwarded.
    • DJ to report on limitations to the funding
    • DJ proposed CJ seconded carried unanimously.

A letter from DJ e-mailed to Councillors for approval to be sent to all Parishioners outlining the current legislation on Dog mess and that the Council will actively pursue legal action. DJ and CJ to review additional signage in both Parishes and report back to next meeting.


  1. Outstanding from last meeting.
    • Riparian responsibility Shakenhurst

Mr Alphonso of Old School House has reported he is acting as unofficial warden of the River Rea for Shakenhurst and has overseen work in clearing and removing debris from the river.



    • No new planning applications.


  1. LTN Legal Briefings Updates
    • None


  1. LJC meeting
    • CJ to report on issues from last meeting.

No meeting held.


  1. Place Plan
    • TP, MWH and DJ to set date to review and update objectives for 2017 ~ 18


  1. Public Participation.

No Requests


  1. Public Correspondence.

Mr Peter Bloomer re Racing at Southwood Farm. See e-mail

DJ proposed and MWH seconded carried unanimously. There are an unprecedented number of activities in the area which do not fall with-in the jurisdiction of the Parish Council, but use the infrastructure of the Parish. The validity of the events has been questioned. TP to write to Matthew Sheehan Clerk to Cleobury Mortimer PC coping in Shropshire planning requesting confirmation of the status of these events and what road safety and health and safety measures are in place as large volumes of cars and tractors are now using the country roads and lanes.

Events:   JC Raceway, Hazeley Grange Moto X,Hollywaste Biodigester.


  1. Date of Next Meeting.



  1. Meeting Closed. 20.10


  1. Communications from SSC:
  • BDLs
  • NALCs News letters
  • SALC Bulletins
  • John Champion ~ PCC Newsletters
  • Shropshire Patients Helping to Heal the NHS
  • Notice of Adoption of Community Infrastructure Levy for the South Worcestershire Council.



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