Ordinary Meeting 12 02 2018

Minutes Uploaded on February 10, 2022


Held at: Victory Hall, Neen Sollars, DY14 0AL      Date: 12/02/2018


   Cllr Chris Jones (Chairman)            01584 890486

Cllr Steve Painter                             01299 832981

Cllr Anne Horsley                            01299 271225

Cllr Mazella Witts-Hewinson           01299 271258

Cllr David Jones (Vice Chairman)   01299 271204

Tony Price (Clerk to Parish)                        01299 271535



  1. Apologies: Cllr Ann Horsley (ill)  &  Clerk, Tony Price (holiday)


  1. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest: None


  1. Minutes of Ordinary 27/11/2017 and (Precept) meeting 15/01/2018.

Read and signed as true record. Proposed: Cllr M Witts-Hewinson, seconded: Cllr D Jones


  1. Accounts – A copy was made available for inspection
    • Current account balance £9496.79
    • Community Benefit £3,748.00
    • Election account £ 451.39
    • Precept Request 2018/19 £7483.00
    • Payments for signature.



  • Proposals for February

Bird Boxes (see Agenda Point 5)

Solar Farm Screening – Peter Bloomer gave a short presentation of a scheme, with illustrations, to fence and plant trees to screen the village centre from the solar farm. He is proposing to use contractors to install 100M of fencing, and use village labour for the tree planting. Peter has been invited to draw up a formal application for funding, to present to the next meeting. Cllr D Jones would like to see if anything could be done to help those living on Neens Hill. Peter thought this would be almost impossible to achieve.


  • Parish Assets:

Neen Sollars ~ £2,623.90

Milson           ~ £1,020.00


  1. Community Benefit Deed.
    • Public request for funding of 10 Bird Boxes for both Milson and Neen Sollars by Mr Eric Davies in the sum of £300.00. Proposed: Cllr D Jones; seconded: Cllr C Jones; carried unanimously.
    • Mr & Mrs Smith (PCC St George’s representative) reported that following a PCC meeting they did not wish to accept the offer of 5 birdboxes from the scheme, for the churchyard. Although, as a gesture they would be prepared to accept one. Cllr C Jones stated that they were under no obligation to accept any. Mrs Smith asked what boxes had been secured in the trees on the village green. Cllr Jones replied that he had positioned one of each of the three types available (25, 32 & 36mm hole size), there.


  1. Reduction of Environment Maintenance Grant “EMG”
    • SSC are conducting a review on the EMG to reduce or terminate the Grant. Although the Parish Council have raised Precept funding this is the only monies the Parish(s) receive and funds will be diverted to other projects. Cllr D Jones asked for clarification of the source and qualification for the existing grant. The chairman explained that this had not been automatic, but was something we have had to apply for on an annual basis to enable us to fund the lengthsman’s position. We were always aware that this funding was likely to be reduced or withdrawn at short notice, one of the many reasons why we have decided to keep the precept at a slightly elevated level, instead of reducing it.
    • A letter was read out, which was sent to SC by the clerk, explaining our objections, and the position of small rural councils such as ours See Attached.


  1. Data Protection
    • By 25/05/2018 All Parish Councils have to have a Data Protection Officer. This will require training, implementing a process and reporting the findings.
    • The Chairman read out the communication from the Local Council Public Advisory Service and their charges, and felt very confused. The chairman has been in touch with the Clerk who has agreed to fulfil the role for now, and will investigate further upon his return from holiday. The council is aware that we may well have to provide additional funding for this.


  1. Highways – 7.5 Tonne Bridge restriction.
    • All highways signs are now in place


  1. Salt/Grit Bins
    • All grit bins are full. Cllr Jones has been in touch with highways (Phil James) and temporary grit bags have been dropped off at Dinthill, Southwood Rd, and opposite Neen Sollars House. These will be collected in the spring. If we require a permanent box, we may have to fund it ourselves as highways are struggling. Cllr C Jones has also reported the large pothole on the Milson Rd adjacent to Tetstill Lane. The chairman explained that anyone can easily report issues to Shropshire Council directly via their very user friendly website. An acknowledgment is usually forthcoming within a few hours.


  1. 30 mph Speed limit.
    • Glyn Shaw is still in consultation with Malvern Hills Council to review implementation of speed limit through Both Parishes and has given the Parish Council, Malvern Hills contact details, to expedite.


  1. Defibrillators
    • Both defibrillators have had Charge sticks and Pads updated by the chairman in the absence of the clerk.


  • A call was registered at 14.30 Hrs 31/01/2018 where Cllr Chris Jones and Graham Wilkinson were called, but the Numbers + moved to next call before they could respond. The clerk has investigated, and as it stands, the choice to accept, needs to be made whilst the message is still playing. We are looking at ways to extend the call duration to allow responders more time to answer.


  1. Lengthsman progress report. A copy of his worksheet was available.
    • Carl worked 44 Hrs in December and 40 Hrs in January. He has requested an additional 28 Hrs in March (cannot do additional Hrs in Feb) which has been agreed.
    • The chairman and clerk have received some positive comments on his work and attitude.


  1. Parking Milson Village Green.
    • The Chairman read out a copy of the letter (attached) to Milson PCC that he had drafted last November, following a complaint received from the owner of Church House Farm about inconsiderate parking outside his property by vehicles attending St Georges. As the intended recipient, Mrs Judith Smith(Milson PCC) was present, a number of issues therein, were addressed: Regarding the issue of parking, Milson PCC takes issue with Mr Ingliss over ownership, and use, of the verge adjacent to his entrance, which was altered in the 1980’s. Up until that point, the area in question would simply have been a roadside verge to a public highway, which they maintain it still is.

      Mrs Smith has consulted with John Hulland, and other former members of the Parish Council, who served when the green was purchased. She commented that the green was purchased specifically to allow for use by the Church, for parking etc. Cllr C Jones gave Mr & Mrs Smith a copy of the document he had produced for the Parish Council’s November 2016 meeting, explaining the recent history(since 2013) and it’s registration as a village green, which precludes this.
      The chairman said that the council was still keen to investigate opening up the old roadway to provide additional parking directly outside the church, with the help and support of the PCC. Cllr D Jones urged that, moving forward, a compromise must be reached on all sides, and at his suggestion, Cllr Witts-Hewinson was appointed to draw up a plan based on our previous discussions with the highways dept, and with the clerk to subsequently liase between the Parish Council and the PCC.


  1. Replace fallen Tree Milson Green.
    • Proposal to replace with 2 x Oak or other Native species.

Motion raised MWH and Seconded AH to fund 2 x replacement Trees following a report from Arborist on condition and density of existing trees.

Ongoing, although Graham Clayworth has now secured trees from the Shropshire Council scheme


  1. Web Page upgrade.
    • Web design to be decided, DJ requested a Calendar of events be built in to the new Web Page to incorporate Village Hall, All Saints St Georges Live and Let Live and other activities. Ongoing



  1. Electoral Changes.
    • None


  1. Dogs fouling footpaths.

Cllr D Jones has reported a significant reduction in the problem, in spite of most of his original temporary signs having blown away. There are still issues in John Moore’s field. David is still proposing that we purchase 16 signs, and is suggesting a mainly green sign emphasising the danger of dog dirt to farm animals as displayed near Reaside Farm. The costing is to be presented to the next meeting.
In a ‘phone call to the chairman, prior to the meeting, Cllr Horsley passed on a complaint from Charlie Houston about the location of the Neen dog dirt bin, saying it was on Shropshire Council property and, as such, must be removed immediately. As it is an SC bin, emptied by SC employees, we are not at liberty to move it, even if we wanted to. Cllr D Jones made the comment that it is always full before it is emptied. If we wished to reposition it, or locate an additional one elsewhere, we know it would cost the Parish Council a significant amount to get it serviced.


  1. Riparian responsibility Shakenhurst

Cllr D Jones reported that he had recently investigated along the river bank, and although there we some recently fallen branches in the Rea, it was very much an improving situation. Shakenhurst are working hard to tidy things up and have acquired a very large woodchipping machine to assist in the process.


  1. Neighbour Watch Scheme
    • Updates being issued via web page when available.


    • 17/04272/FUL
      Address:  Proposed Affordable Dwelling NW Of Rose Cottage, Neen Sollars.
      Proposal:  Erection of an affordable dwelling and associated works
      Applicant: Ms G Upperdine & Mr Jamie Higgins (Rose Cottage, Neen Sollars, Kidderminster, Shropshire, DY14 9AB)

Awaiting Decision




  • Address:  High Point Solar Farm, Neen Sollars, Shropshire
    Proposal:  Variation of condition 11 (operational life) of planning permission (14/04463/FUL Construction of a solar park allowed on appeal APP/L3245/W/15/3019429) 17/05539/VAR
    Applicant: Ms Penny Laurenson (Lightsource Renewable Energy Holdings Ltd., C/o Agent.)

Awaiting Decision

Light Source have provided a detailed list of Mitigation which has been given to Cllr David Jones. David has requested Vic Upperdine and Eric Davies attend providing local knowledge. David has suggested the inspection be carried out in mid Spring when planting is visible.


  1. LTN Legal Briefings Updates
    • None


  1. Crime Reduction Group meeting (CM)/LJC

Cllr C Jones reported that the next LJC meeting will be announced shortly. (Alongside CM farmers market Saturday 17th March 10-12noon, in the Market Hall – New crossing, Neighbourhood plan, Community Speedwatch, Cleobury Play Park)


  1. Place Plan
    • Copies were presented, and the Chairman thanked Cllr Witts-Hewinson, Cllr Jones and the clerk for dealing with this.


  1. Public Participation.
    • No Requests


  1. Public Correspondence.

Mr Eric Davies (See Agenda point 5)

Mr G Wilkinson commenting on Lengthsman’s good work

Abbey Forestry concerning Gaudy Wood

Sharenergy concerning for Tetstill Mill Community Hydro


  1. Date of Next Meeting: Provisionally set at Monday16th April


  1. Meeting Closed. 20pm


  1. Communications from SSC:
  • BDLs
  • NALCs News letters
  • SALC Bulletins
  • John Champion ~ PCC Newsletters
  • Connecting Shropshire
  • Data protection Public Advisory
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • SSC Planning Services
  • Town and Parish Council Forum
  • Future Hospital Configuration
  • Dignity Day
  • Communication from Light Source
  • SSC Audit changes
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