Ordinary Meeting 16 03 2015

Minutes Uploaded on February 10, 2022



Held at: Victory Hall, Neen Sollars, DY14 0AL


Date: 16/03/2015                                            Time: 19.00 Hrs



   Cllr Graham Wilkinson (Chairman) 01299 270175

Cllr Chris Jones (Vice Chairman)    01584 890486

Cllr Steve Painter                             01299 832981

Cllr Anne Horsley                            01299 271225

Cllr Mazella Witts-Hewinson           01299 271258

Tony Price (Clerk to Parish)                        01299 271535



  1. Apologies: Steve Painter work commitments.


  1. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest



  1. Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting 19th January 2015

These were agreed and signed off as a true record.


  1. Planning
  • Solar Park High Point Farm Refused – GW to update the meeting on why refused.
  • Application for The Old Tavern House, Neen Sollars, HEPRE/15/00015

Proposal:  Alterations and additions including external material removal to front, new flat roof, replacement windows and a porch. Decision by Planning Authority:  No Objection.

  • Application 15/00221/FUL Garden Cottage, Pear Tree Cottage, Neen Sollars (69sqm falls under 100sqm CIL funding levy.
    Proposal:  Change of use of existing ancillary accommodation to form a separate independent residential dwelling.

Parish Council Decision. No Objection.

  • Application 15/00869/LBC The Dower House, Neen Sollars, Tenbury Wells, Shropshire, WR15 8NZ
    Proposal:  Works to include installation of replacement external door on gable end; internal alterations including removal of stud walling. Council decision No Objection.


  1. LTN Updates ~ Change to law.
    • Communication of Summons to meetings 30/01/2015 (see LTN 5 Para 17) Motion to summons Councillors to meetings via e-mail.

Decision: GW raised motion, seconded CJ e-mails will replace hand delivered summons it is incumbent on Councillors to reply to e-mail confirming receipt of summons within 3 days.

  • Motion to draw up a Parish Council policy on press reporting/photography/filming/recording/other reporting and reporting on Children and vulnerable adults at Parish Meetings. (see LTN 5 Para 38)

Decision: Clerk to draw up policy and submit to Council for ratification prior to next meeting.



  1. LJC meeting 04/03/2015

 Update from Parish representative Chris Jones.

  1. Place Plan
  • Priority list and timings finalised, sign off by Parish Council required. Is a subcommittee required?
  • CIL and Community Benefit background details.
  • Action on the following areas:
    • Minimum of 2Mbps Broadband update (see attached).

Council informed 3 versions of Broadband will be active within 6 months.

  • Riparian responsibility (issue living on the edge)

Decision: Clerk to draw up communication to all Riparian Landowners for ratification next meeting.

  • Milson car park (plan and risk assessment)

Decision: Erosion to the perimeter of Village Green through heavy vehicle movement is increasing. Clerk and CJ to investigate remedies with Highways prior to drawing plan and Risk Assessment.

  • Victory Hall, Neen Sollars ~ Increase size and upgrade car park surface with gravel filled eco-grids and extend balcony to the East of the building both in depth and width. To draw up plans, risk assessment and costing.

Liaise with Village Hall Committee to understand their requirements.

Decision: Clerk to draft letter by next meeting to Chair-person of Village Hall requesting involvement in project also to check if existing funds restrict grant monies.


  1. Precept submission

Precept payment due April, Shropshire Council tax demand is 114.9% against 108% requested, SSC calculate the precept differently based on Tax base figure which equals band “D”, single occupation (25% reduction) and any support grants and new dwellings are taken in to account, the Parish Council do not have access to this information. Michaela Probert (precept controller SSC) will include in the Parish pack a formula to work out correct percentage.


  1. Annual Return 2014/15

Mazers (retained Accountants) have sent documents for end of year financial accounts to be completed no late then 30/06/2015.

Clerk to input all relevant details ready for sign off by Chairman, date TBC.


  1. Standing Orders issued to all Councillors and signatures received.

In compliance with resolution made at Parish Meeting 13/10/2014



  1. Road closures Milson May 21/27th May 2015 Drainage works.

Chris Jones liaising with Highways to minimise inconvenience.

CJ requested entry in the Cleobury Clarion (Jim Reynolds) to broaden circulation/notification.


  1. Road condition Neen Sollars to Cleobury Road.

Phil James informed of 12 x pot Holes that need attention 04/03/2015

Completed 06/03/2015 (still poor condition)


  1. Adoption of Telephone Kiosks Milson and Neen Sollars update.

Application being held up by West Midland Ambulance Service not signing off Approval. Have contacted WMAS customer services to expedite.


  1. Public Participation.

None requested. No attendance


  1. Public Correspondence.

Two Parishioners have complained about the mud on the lane from the Shakenhurst gateway by Neens Hill Farm to the entrance to Westwood Farm. Lewis Staddon of Shakenhurst has been contacted by the Clerk and requested to minimise the mud in future.

Response: will scrape the road with tractor and bucket.


  1. Meeting closed at: 20.00



  1. Date of Next Meeting: 11/05/2015


Communications from SSC:

  1. 14E By-Laws England – Power and restrictions on Councils
  2. Connecting Shropshire (phase 2)
  3. Bulletins (BDL) 15th Feb ~ 06th March inclusive
  4. Adverts for: Finance and Administration Officer SSC,

Town Hall Operational Manager Bishops Castle,

Clerks ~ Oswestry, Lawley and Overdale (Asst),

  1. Local Council awards scheme (no pecuniary)
  2. General election changes information pack.
  3. Improving Local Communities Together NALC
  4. Council support grant ~ Shropshire Council will not be disseminating Government funds 2015/16
  5. Quality Council Scheme ~ Meeting to understand changes made to scheme etc..